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Replacement and companion plans

Planes de sucesiónAs many Vocational and Training Schools the management in IEFPS Zornotza GLHBI is developed by the Process Management System (PMS). This pushed us to make changes in the Management Team. In this way, that team is made with the owners of all school processes and services of the school and these posts are considered essential keys to our well running.

Strategic Positioning Process is one of the key processes of the organization. The Headmaster is the owner and the Management of Change an essential activity. Methodology for support was established at the same time PMS was introduced.

Detecting potential candidates

Detectar candidatos

The Strategic Plan 2009-2013 was prepared by the current Management Team which was made up in 2008-2009.

This team took charge of leadership pushing the aims established in the plan mentioned. The period for which the plan was made finishes this year 2012-2013 and some of the people taking part in the Management Team  expressed last year their wishes not to carry on those tasks.

Consequently, the need of detecting candidates to replace some of the key positions in the school was provoked, specifically Headmaster and Quality Manager. Such detection was run at the end of 2011-2012 by means of interviews and meetings between the headmaster and the people who hold the post  in the school and previously had assumed responsibilities, like the Department Leader or the Improvement Team Coordinator. Once these people were detected our next step was the definition of the replacement and companion plans for those posts.

The time resources

Recursos para planes de sucesión

In July the Headmaster as Change Management Responsible analyzed the needs and assigned the development of those plans as part of the time resources intended for the management of the school.


Afterwards, we settled on the contents and responsibilities for the plans.

In this sense we have determined the skills needed for those key posts which are directly associated with the roles and periodically looked over by people that have been working on since they were firstly defined.

We started these  skills definition and the results of self-assessment of the new people replacement and companion specific plans for those who will be on some key posts in 2013-2014 have been designed.

Training actions

Plans include external and internal training actions, especially all those originated by the aid of people that have been holding the post until now. In that way, new people in the Management Team will have one year experience when they will assume the post next year because they are taking part in all the activities that they are concerned but always with the help of the current responsible.

The new Strategic Plan

Plan EstratégicoThis, the Reflection Strategic Team for the new plan 2013-2017 is made not only by the people that will continue but also by the outgoing people and new people on key posts.

We think this will be rewarding to guarantee that the new plan collects the information and knowledge acquired by outgoing people and new ideas and proposals of the new leaders who will be responsible for the display.

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