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Namibia inEuskadi: International Campus of Basque Vocational Training ( VETIBAC )


One of the strategic lines of Tknika, as the display of the Basque Plan for VET, is the internationalization and within this framework we are developing partnerships and collaborations with different countries.

20151123_124223 AAs a result of the agreement signed on 2014 between Tknika and Namibia Training Authority (NTA), a multi-year training plan for managers and teachers from six centers in different regions of Namibia has been initiated.

During the last week of November and the first one of December Head of Careers, teachers and a representative of the NTA, an amount of 13 people in total, were involved in a tight and varied training program that is going to allow them to know the way we work in VET in the Basque Country. Also to identify good management practices that may contribute to the improvement of their own system.

Transferring our PMS (Processes Management System)

The Continuous Improvement Area was responsible for answering to the needs identified in the diagnosis made by Tknika on this year’s July.

20151124_103536 ADuring November 23rd, 24th and 26th, we developed a workshop, in English, focused on the improvement of some skills associated with the following areas :

the teaching-learning process and the provision of services

the processes management system

the people managements

The key: teamwork

The methodology used, which we feel as our, was “learning by doing and working together”.

We designed small challenges and, as a result of the work performed, the participants were able to develop their own designs in order to implement them in their centers.

The relationship of chronological and competencial dependency among the designed activities allowed us to assure that the participants were making progress through the different phases of the learning: location, comprehension, assimilation, experimentation and finally… autonomy. We hope so.

20151124_100549 A

Despite being a short duration course, the almost individualized attention that we were able to offer- in collaboration with the Internationalization Area- and the use of continuous and systematic evaluation allowed us to modify and adapt each day’s program to their needs.

Since the beginning, a big emphasis on the significance of the relationship between agents and results was done. In this regard, to conclude the course two evaluation activities have were proposed:

Individual skills self-assessment (expected results)

Teacher’s assessments (agents)

Although the results in both cases were very good we will continue with identification of areas for improvement.

We give thanks to our Namibian fellows for their activity and proactive behaviour  which allowed us to learn too.

IMG-20151126- A

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